Dental Sleep Apnea Treatment

The treatment of sleep disordered breathing depends on the diagnosis of the cause of the disorder.  If the cause is obstruction, then depending on the severity, an oral sleep appliance may be used.  Sometimes the cause is not primarily obstruction but may be neurological or a combination of causes.  If a child has the disorder, other treatments may be offered.

OAT Stands for Oral Appliance Therapy and MAD stands for  Mandibular Advancement Device. There are many types and you will see a couple of types pictured on this page. These are selected by your dentist based on your particular dental needs. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages. All of them tend to do similar functions.  It is to bring the lower jaw forward and with it the tongue creating more room for the airway to be open.  These appliances also improve muscle tone. This is also called an oral sleep appliance.  This most often results in relief of snoring, UARS, sleep apnea and hypopnea. Some of the most common types of professional OSAs are TAP 1 and TAP 3, SomnoMed, Suad, EMA, Micro O2, Clear Dream and Herbst but there are many more.  Some of these appliances will only work if you have a full complement of teeth to anchor them to, while others can work with less teeth. Denture patients need different types of appliances and may need dental implants to help anchor the MAD..   Some people also need to get Oral DNA type treatment and orthodontics to reopen the airway and remodel the bone..  Others may need concurrent myofunctional/TMJ treatment to correct the bite and relax over stimulated muscles. Others may need laser treatment of the soft palate to shrink the tissue and open the airway.

Some appliances are less restrictive of the tongue.  Others allow for better side to side movement of the jaw, while others allow you to open while sleeping and yet keep the jaw forward to keep the airway open.   At times an oral appliance can be used with a CPAP. No approach works optimally for every patient.  This is why you should see a professional for care. Even if you find a way to stop snoring, this may not correct your sleep apnea and the serious diseases that can result from improper management. Snoring cessation is not the only evidence that you have corrected sleep apnea.  There are appliances that are advertised just for snoring. You must understand that a self diagnosis of snoring and treating that is dangerous to your health. Snoring is often a sign of sleep apnea and the lack of snoring does not mean you do not have sleep apnea.  And in addition to that, you can correct sleep apnea and still snore. What this means is that a professional can correct the serious sleep apnea but you may still snore. Snoring is NOT the only measure of sleep apnea.

Laser Soft Palate Treatment

Laser soft palate treatment is a laser that can shrink the soft palate and open the airway.  Laser soft palate treatment reduces the effect of sleep apnea and through a gentle laser light treatment.   The laser soft palate treatment e treatment tightens the tissue and will reduce the snoring sounds and the effects of sleep apnea.  There is no cutting of the roof of the mouth or other oral tissues and generally no pain or anesthetic needed for this treatment.
Dr. Enrico DiVito and Dr. Roberto DiVito are not only laser certified but are world recognized leaders in laser therapies.  Not all dentists use laser soft palate treatment nor are they certified..  Dr. Rob and Dr. Rico will work with your physician as part of the medical team with your diagnosis, treatment, and on-going care. Determination of proper therapy can only be made by joint consultation of your dentist and physician. Initiation of oral appliance therapy can take from several weeks to several months to complete. The dental and medical  team will continue to monitor your treatment and evaluate the response of your teeth and jaws.

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